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Ynyr, or "The Old One", is an old wise man who comes down from the Mountains to aid Colwyn in his fight against The Beast.


Ynyr traversing the Web

After nursing Colwyn back to health, Ynyr tells him that the only way to defeat the Beast is to use The Glaive, which is located high in a cave in the Granite Mountains. After Colwyn retreives the Glaive, Ynyr tells him they must go to The Emerald Seer, who he is old friends with, to find the Black Fortress. After the death of the Emerald Seer in the Swamps, Ynyr finds that there is only one way to find the Black Fortress, The Widow Of The Web. Going off alone, he finds the Widow's Web, and after telling the Widow her name (Lyssa) he is given 30 seconds time to reach her, or the Spider will devour him. Barely making it in time, he gets the information from her, on the price that his life will run out with the sands of the hourglass. He makes it to Colwyn, delivering the information, only to die as the sands run out upon the ground.

Special Powers/Abilities[]

Ynyr has an incredibly long lifespan, possibly spanning hundreds of years, all of which he has spent documenting the events of Krull. He has something similar to precognition, as he can sense future events, but only if they are on a large scale. Despite his longevity, he is not immortal as he still dies at the hands of the sands of the Widow Of The Web.