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A glaive

Colwyn with the Glaive

The Glaive is a mystical five-pointed weapon used by Colwyn in Krull. Colwyn is told by Ynyr that it is his only hope to defeat the Beast and rescue Lyssa. It is an ancient symbol, used by the Kings of Krull on a necklace worn by Colwyn's father. Colwyn takes it from a cave high in the Mountains, and pulls it from the magma. The Glaive can cut through solid substances, disperse energy blasts with ease and is shown to be able to kill Slayers in one stroke. The Glaive was embedded in The Beast's chest after he was slain and the Black Fortress was pulled into space to its destruction. The ultimate fate of The Glaive remains unclear, but it seems unlikely such a powerful weapon could be lost forever.

A metallic medallion necklace, in the same shape as the Glaive weapon of Krull.

Then Glaive Necklace, with its key to the manacles of the kingdom's criminals, passed to Colwyn upon the death of King Turold.

A lava galive

The Glaive after retrieving it from the magma